What is a “focus group” anyhow?

For some people, they just aren’t familiar with what a focus group is in general.

Focus group discussion is a research methodology in which a small group of participants gather to discuss a specified topic or an issue to generate data. The main characteristic of a focus group is the interaction between the moderator and the group, as well as the interaction between group members. The objective is to give the researcher an understanding of the participants’ perspective on the topic in discussion. Focus groups are rapidly gaining popularity in health and medical research. Focus groups are an important research tool within the context of health research, with the intention of promoting its use among researchers in healthcare.
The healthcare industry is very large, and there are always many issues which we need your opinions on for our clients- some of them are for new cures for medical conditions, some are testing out new pieces of equipment, and for some we need to talk with practice managers for example on their opinions on the Affordable Care Act.
These are usually very interesting for the participants as well as they have a chance to demonstrate their professional and real world knowledge.